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Resolving Family Law Matters

Legal issues concerning families can be emotional. It is essential to seek help from a lawyer who will handle your case with understanding and compassion while working toward lasting resolutions to your family law matter. I am attorney Frederick Johnson, and I am dedicated to helping Kentucky families through the legal process, one step at a time.

Skilled Handling Of All Family Legal Issues

I provide legal counsel for people who are facing a wide range of family law issues, including those involving:

Divorce: The end of a marriage is never easy. However, every ending also means a new beginning. I will help you protect your legal interests, so you can concentrate on your family and start on a new path forward.

Child custody: Whether you need to reach a custody agreement as part of your divorce or you are an unmarried parent who is confronted with a custody matter, I can help. Whenever possible, I work with parents to help them reach an amicable agreement through mediation. If mediation is not an option, I am ready to fight for you in court, always keeping the best interests of your child in mind at all times.

Father’s rights and mothers’ rights: In the past, courts would often give preference to the mother when making a child custody determination. Now, the law recognizes that children benefit most when they have a relationship with both parents, if possible. I advocate for both mothers and fathers who are seeking custody or visitation time with their children.

Custody and relocation: The parent having physical custody of a child sometimes makes a relocation request that interferes with the noncustodial parent’s visitation time. I understand how emotional it can be to face the prospect of losing regular contact with your child, which is why I will fight to maintain existing custody orders.

Orders for child support: Raising a child is not cheap. Whether you are seeking support or are being asked to make child support payments, I will let you know how the child support guidelines apply to your situation, so you understand how much financial support your children are entitled to and what this means for your case.

Spousal support or alimony: Unlike child support, there are no clear guidelines for alimony payments. Alimony may be awarded to either spouse, and the type of alimony can vary depending on the circumstances of your case. In any situation, I will zealously advocate for your interests.

Property division: One of the most contentious aspects of any divorce proceeding is the distribution of property. Most assets and debts that are acquired over the course of a marriage are subject to equitable distribution. Bear in mind that “equitable” does not mean the same thing as “equal.” I will work hard to ensure a fair division of property.

Orders of protection: Protection orders may be issued if you are concerned about potential harm, or have been the victim of abuse by someone you know or someone who is currently living with you. The abuse does not even have to be directed at you personally. If anyone living under your roof is the victim of domestic violence, I can help you pursue a restraining order.

Paternity issues: Establishing paternity can benefit both parents. For mothers, determining who the biological father of their child is can enable them to seek financial support. For fathers, establishing paternity can help them assert their parental rights. I represent both mothers and fathers who are facing paternity issues.

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